Construction Aggregate Supply in Oakland

Mike Minnis Trucking Inc wants to be your steadfast partner in providing top-tier construction aggregate supply in Oakland. Specializing in the sale and transportation of high-quality aggregate building materials, we make sure you get the supplies your project demands precisely when you need them.

Our expansive selection of aggregates-ranging from sand and soils to decorative rocks and gravel-is meticulously sourced to guarantee your construction endeavors are built on a solid foundation. Do you want to learn more about what we have to offer? Contact our construction experts at (209) 481-3029 for product, pricing, and delivery appointment information.

Building Aggregate Suppliers Committed to Quality

We're well-established building aggregate suppliers committed to timely service and quality products that help you move your construction initiatives forward quickly. A partnership with us means you're not just purchasing materials but making a great investment in unparalleled quality guaranteed to elevate the durability and integrity of your construction projects. Our attentive selection process ensures that every grain of sand, piece of gravel, and fragment of stone meets the highest industry standards.

When you want reliable construction materials, don't settle for subpar aggregates. Contact our team for a detailed estimate.

The Only Aggregates Supplier You Need

Our inventory is filled with a wide array of construction aggregates, which means every project you embark on in partnership with us is supplemented by the optimal materials. We understand the pulse of construction and work hard to provide the specialized materials required to facilitate the nuanced demands of various construction endeavors. Our catalog contains options catering to varied applications, from residential and commercial to large-scale infrastructural developments.

Some of the construction aggregate materials we stock include:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Soils
  • Decorative and crushed rock
  • Biotreatment
  • Baseball and infield mix
  • Planter's mix
  • ...and more!

Let us address any questions or concerns you have about our materials. Don't hesitate to contact us to confirm we're the right choice for supplying the rocks, soils, and sands your project demands.

Professional Hauling for Your Construction Aggregate Materials

Buying premium construction aggregates is only the first step in realizing your building goals. Ensuring these materials reach your site safely and on time is paramount to the smooth completion of your project. Our company boasts a fleet of heavy-duty hauling vehicles, explicitly designed and rigorously maintained to ensure the secure and efficient transportation of all aggregate products to your designated location.

Don't Overpay for Bulk Construction Aggregate Supply

To foster enduring partnerships with clients like you, we've structured our pricing to harmonize quality and affordability. Our goal is to play a role in successful construction projects by offering top-quality supplies that won't strain your overall budget. We strive to empower you to make sound investments by balancing premium quality and equitable pricing.

Mike Minnis Trucking Inc Is the Clear Choice for Building Aggregate Supply

From gravel to sand supply and everything in between-Mike Minnis Trucking Inc is Oakland's source for the best construction aggregate materials. When you're getting started on a project that requires aggregate supply, our materials, and hauling services are guaranteed to meet your project's unique specifications. Phone us today at (209) 481-3029 for more pricing, service availability, and product selection information.